Air Asia Malaysia – The no.1 Budget Airlines in Asia

Air Asia Malaysia – If there is one thing that a Malaysian can be proud of (among the many things of course – before my fellow Malaysians bash me) is the success of AirAsia for being the no. 1 budget airlines in Asia.

From a humble beginning slightly over a decade ago until now Air Asia Malaysia has come a long way and now it can aptly be called the no. 1 budget airlines in Asia. AirAsia wings have spread as far as the UK and Australia. For a Malaysian to achieve such a success almost single-handedly, without much interference from the government, it is a pure genius for the man behind the company – Tony Fernandez who comes from an entertainment business background started it all.

The success of Air Asia Malaysia probably comes from a combination of its unique ticketing system and its in-flight management system. AirAsia was the first company in Malaysia to introduce an on-line ticketing system. That alone is a killer strategy that has seen its rival MAS (Malaysia Airline System) sales gone spiralling down from year to year while AirAsia has consistently increase its sales altitude.

Another strategy implemented by Air Asia Malaysia is a no-frill travel approach which simply means no free in-flight meal served, no fixed seating, no refund for cancellation etc. This approach has somehow works well for Air Asia Malaysia, promotional tickets are snapped off almost immediately after they are released as there is almost no risk even in the event of no show as the money involved is too small.

With a strong marketing team, Air Asia Malaysia will continue to dominate and lead the budget airlines in Asia which means there will always be cheap flights for Malaysians such as me.

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