Where is Malaysia Located?

Where is malaysia? Malaysia is situated in Southeast Asia, bordered by Thailand in the north, Indonesia in the south, and the Philippines in the east. The country has an area of 329,758 square kilometers (127,320 square miles). Comparatively, the territory of Malaysia is slightly greater than that of the state of New Mexico, the […]

Malaysia Flight : Enjoy 80% Malaysia Airlines Discount with MasterCard

Malaysia Flight – MasterCard Premium cardholders can enjoy 80% off on their second air ticket when they purchase a full fare ticket on First or Business Class with Malaysia Airlines. From now ’til 31 December 2010, enjoy this offer when you plan a trip to Sydney on First Class at RM3157, RM5806 to Johannesburg […]

Preserving Malaysia’s architectural jewel

George Town, Malaysia (CNN) — There is a sublime beauty about Penang’s ruined buildings; suffused with melancholy, they sit like jilted lovers, neglected and brooding in the gathering undergrowth. Each relays an echo from the past, as its story crumbles and fades.

I’m slightly obsessed with ruins, and that makes Penang a particularly enchanting […]

Malays in Singapore

As Singapore is a multi-racial country, there are many races living here and one of races is Malay. Initially, the people in Singapore (then known as Temasek) was mostly Malay, where the people were relying on the fishing industry for survival. However it becomes  a multi-racial country when Sir Stamford Raffles ‘opened’ Singapore to […]

Batam Hotels – The Island Info For Vacationers

Batam Island is part of Indonesia, and is located about 40 km south of Singapore. There are several Batam hotels and resorts on the island, as well as plenty of tourist attractions, 7 international golf courses, shopping centers and restaurants, and a few nice beaches for swimming or taking the kids to.

SIGHTS & […]

Malacca State

Malacca (Malay: Melaka, dubbed as The Historical State or Negeri Bersejarah amongst locals) is the third smallest Malaysian state, after Perlis and Penang. It is located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula, on the Straits of Malacca. It borders Negeri Sembilan to the north and the state of Johor to the south. […]

Redang Island

Redang Island, locally known as Pulau Redang or just “Redang” is one of the largest islands off the east coast of Malaysia. It is a popular holiday island for Malaysians, most of whom come on package deals to one of the resorts. Redang is one of nine islands, which form a marine park, and […]


Petronas, short for “Petroliam Nasional Berhad”, is a Malaysian-owned oil and gas company that was founded on August 17, 1974. Wholly owned by the Government, the corporation is vested with the entire oil and gas resources in Malaysia and is entrusted with the responsibility of developing and adding value to these resources. Petronas is […]

Malay Etnic

Malays (Malay: Melayu) are an ethnic group of Austronesian peoples predominantly inhabiting the Malay Peninsula including the southernmost parts of Thailand, the east coast of Sumatra, the coast of Borneo, and the smaller islands which lie between these locations. The Malay ethnic group is distinct from the concept of a Malay race, which encompasses […]

Sipadan Water Village Resort

Sipadan Water Village is a resort beautifully constructed with Bajau architectural design. Part of the Mabul Island is also home to groups of Bajau fishermen who have built their traditional palm thatched houses. The Bajau Laut, the world’s only tribe of nomadic sea gypsies spends their lives on the water. Over the years, some […]

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