Malays in Singapore

As Singapore is a multi-racial country, there are many races living here and one of races is Malay. Initially, the people in Singapore (then known as Temasek) was mostly Malay, where the people were relying on the fishing industry for survival. However it becomes  a multi-racial country when Sir Stamford Raffles ‘opened’ Singapore to the world and transformed it to one the busiest  trading port for shipping industry in the world. There is no turning-back since for the development in the various industries here.

As Singapore became a trading port, more and more people of various races and ethic groups from other countries, especially the South East Asia regions, came here to work and some of them settled here. They brought along their custom, culture and life styles.  Living harmoniously, they started to learn and adapt to each other traits.

Malays in Singapore (Malay: Orang Melayu Singapura), while being the people indigenous to Singapore, now make up just 14% of the country’s population, as based on the broader definition of a “Malay race” rather than the more specific “Malay ethnic group”. This is due to the influx of Chinese immigrants, who flocked to Singapore throughout the past 200 years. The result is that the Chinese are now the majority ethnic group in Singapore, making up around 75% of the country’s population.

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