Malaysia Claim Sumatra

A Malaysian forum posting one article which mentions that the island of Sumatra should belong to Malaysia. In postingannya mentioned, based on the history of the Dutch era, the Indonesian island should become part of the country of Malaysia.

“Kingdom of Johor victorious develop its economy and become the most important political power in accordance with its location on the east-west trade among the examined. In an age glories of Johor, this country has become a big empayar which sebahagian inherited colonial powers subjugated Melaka. Empayar Johor termasuklah get to Terengganu in Peninsular , Riau Islands sebahagian-Ling and the east coast of Sumatra, “wrote the post, which quotes Legal, Thursday (01/27/2011).

Posts written by such account Mohd Am, reveal the history of the kingdom of Johor, now a name of one city in Malaysia, as a great empire that its power from the River Muar, Singapore, up to the Riau Islands, and part of the East coast of Sumatra.

“Based on this historical fact is clear that the Riau-Ling And most of Sumatra that is Colonial Malaysia namely Johor .. now ..,” he claims.

Judging from the history of that, some areas of Sumatra and Riau Islands should belong to Malaysia. But since the agreement between Britain and the Netherlands, two countries that once colonized Indonesia and Malaysia would eliminate the restriction area.

“So it must return to the Sumatran origin specifically included in the Malaysian province of Johor, but the agreements have solved the British-Dutch colony areas namely Johor-Riau Lingga And most of Sumatra.” cover these postings.

Based on the observation Legal, posting entitled ‘Sumatra belongs to Malaysia’ posted by an account named Mohd Am, which appear to come from the area of Kuching on December 12, 2010. (source: IdHacker)

Malaysia Claim Sumatra

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